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Professional Audit and Business Market Communication are together in a joint project www.auditfinanciar.ro focused on customer needs in order to provide them with financial audit services, tax consultancy, accounting, accounting and tax expertise, internal audit, internal control and services related.

The project has been developed as an alternative for companies and individuals looking for high-level, flexible, performance-based, and adaptable consulting expertise in the accounting services, financial audit, tax consultancy and related services.
With us you will optimize your business and protect yourself against the risks.

Profesional Audit

supplier on the market of accounting and financial audit services, tax consultancy, since 2003, is authorized by the Chamber of Financial Auditors of Romania and the Chamber of Fiscal Consultants in Romania

Business Market


supplier on the market of accounting and financial audit services, tax consultancy, since 2012, is authorised by the Chamber of Financial Auditors of Romania and Body of Expert and Licensed Accountants of Romania

Why choose us?

Professional Audit and Business Market Communication team is made up of a group of professionals with a rich experience in financial services and with ongoing training in the field. Elite practitioners for more than 15 years, we provide high quality services designed to generate substantial benefits to our clients.
We have assumed the role of trainers in our profession, having alongside many trainees, who have since become financial auditors.

Since March 2003 we have provided specialized services to more than 250 clients, the coverage area being national and the main beneficiaries being located in counties such as Dolj, Gorj, Olt, Brasov, Braila, Timis, Valcea, Bucharest. Our clients are large enterprises, SMEs, group companies, from all sectors of activity, and this allowed us to acquire a good knowledge of the Romanian economic reality. At the same time, many public institutions and NGOs have benefited from our audit services for implementing non-reimbursable projects.

Throughout this period, our mission has been to provide quality services to our clients, in line with professional standards at international level and adopted by the professional bodies in Romania.

Over 15 years
of experience
audit financiar consultanta fiscala contabilitate business management financial audit fiscal advisory accounting
For us each client counts, each client is different and with each client we learn to practice our profession at the highest level.
We are ready to expand, we are open to new collaborations, because together we can only achieve large-scale projects.
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Profesional Audit

Nr. ORC: J16 /59 /2003
CUI: 15157616

Business Market

Nr. ORC: J16 /1093 /2012
CUI: 30424903


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