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We are addressing you as financial auditors, members of the Chamber of Financial Auditors in Romania, having a relevant experience in the financial audit activity since 2003 and up to now.

Our pragmatic and objective advice will help you understand the risks you face in developing your business in today's complex business environment. We focus on the important issues of each client, adapt our audit procedures to client operations and identify areas of risk in our business area. Audit team members are trained to make our assessments
always clear, objective, and relevant to the business of our customers.

We use our technical and business expertise in various business sectors to ensure that audits conducted according to professional standards provide support for financial information users.

The audit, management and consulting services are provided by a professional, young, innovative, competent and experienced team.

Our Audit Services offer includes:

  • Financial audit of projects with non-reimbursable financing
  • Statutory audit of the individual annual financial statements and the consolidated annual financial statements, in the cases provided by the law
  • The audit of the individual annual financial statements and of the consolidated annual financial statements of the entities of public interest in the cases provided by the law
  • Limited audits and services related to financial audit
  • Translation (restatement) of financial statements under IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards
  • Internal Audit
  • Financial/Accounting Management
  • Financial/Accounting Consultancy
  • Professional training in the field

"We are financial auditors, members of CAFR, we have a relevant experience in conducting financial audit in all sectors of activity. We focus on the important issues of each client, adapt the audit procedures to the client's operations and identify the risks in his or her area of activity. Audit team members are professional, young, innovative, competent, experienced and trained to provide clear, objective solutions that are relevant to our clients' business. Due to our accumulated experience, we have the capacity to perform any financial audit mission under the International Standards on Auditing and the national regulations in place by providing high-quality audit services. "

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